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We have been doing business on the internet since before 2000. We were a simple one man company managing 14 websites. We sold mobile phones,training, real estate, travel, dog behavioral training and video commercials, as well as groceries, beers and spirits, and many other products and services.

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We operate within many countries.We are  wholly owned and operated by our parent: RTB Enterprises, Inc., a Bulgarian registered corporation. Our corporate office address is: House 1, Street 5, Paskalevets, Bulgaria 5224, contact telephone: +359 879 149 489 and  email:


We are an agency and employ staff around the world. This allows us to service any clients anywhere and in multiple languages. Our programmers, designers and engineers possess qualifications second to only a few in the industry. We pride ourselves in delivering state-of-the-art modern and futuristic technologies at affordable prices. For client convenience we have branches in the U.S.A. (Georgia and Florida), United Kingdom (England and Wales)  Ireland and Bulgaria.

Our Skills & Expertise

We continue to maintain and operate our original 14 websites. In 2010 we branched out to start RTB Enterprises Agency which has enabled us to serve and service clients worldwide. Unlike other agencies, we do not just build your website and hand it over to you, but if you elect, we maintain and update it on your behalf guaranteeing it responds to cutting edge changes to internet protocols and technologies and frees you to run your business without having to become a computer geek.

Ron Terre

Ronald Terre Brooks

CEO of RTB Enterprises, Inc. which is the owner of RTB Enterprises Agency. A self-taught programmer, designer and video creator who has been involved in internet changes and growth since the early 1970's. Has operated over 14 successful websites dating back to the 1980's. Now manages all agency policies and actions and is quick to admit the "buck stops" at his desk.


Maura Clifford

Senior Partner responsible for managing worldwide staff operations, timely delivery of projects and client relations. Vast experience in elemental design, scripting and AI procedures. An avid Facebook user: moderates our Facebook group.

We will build you a beautiful and profitable website...

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